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  • Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
    Dean, Professor
    Algorithms, Cryptography, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence
  • Luming Duan
    CC Yao Professor, Tsinghua University
    Quantum Information, Quantum Optics, Atomic Physics, Many-body Theory
  • Jianyu Chen
    Jianyu Chen
    Assistant Professor
    robotics, reinforcement learning, control, autonomous driving
  • Yilei Chen
    Yilei Chen
    Assistant Professor
  • Dongling Deng
    Assistant Professor
    Quantum artificial intelligence, Quantum information and computation, topological phases of matter, cold atoms, quantum nonequilibrium systems
  • Tao Du
    Tao Du
    Assistant Professor
    Computer graphics, machine learning, robotics
  • Ran Duan
    Associate Professor
    Graph Algorithms, Data Structures, Computational Theory
  • Zhixuan Fang
    Zhixuan Fang
    Assistant Professor
    mechanism design, blockchain systems, platform design, network economics, crowd intelligence
  • Mingyu Gao
    Mingyu Gao
    Assistant Professor
    Computer architecture and systems, scalable system and chip design for AI and big data, efficient memory architectures, and hardware system security
  • Yang Gao
    Yang Gao
    Assistant Professor
    computer vision, reinforcement learning
  • Pan-Yu Hou
    Assistant Professor
    Trapped-ion quantum computing; Quantum information processing with NV centers in diamond
  • Longbo Huang
    Longbo Huang
    Associate Professor
    Decision Intelligence, Stochastic Modeling and Analysis, Online learning, Optimization and Control
  • Jian Li
    Jian Li
    Associate Professor
    Algorithm Design, Machine Learning, Finance, Databases
  • Kaisheng Ma
    Kaisheng Ma
    Assistant Professor
    AI chip design, AI algorithm development, Self-driving, Implanted Systems, Neural Dusts
  • Xiongfeng Ma
    Associate Professor
    Quantum information and quantum optics
  • Yunfei Pu
    Assistant Professor
    Trapped ion quantum information, cold atom quantum network
  • Yifan Song
    Yifan Song
    Assistant Professor
  • Luyan Sun
    Associate Professor
    Quantum Information
  • Yuhao Wang
    Yuhao Wang
    Assistant professor
    causal inference, experimental design, high-dimensional statistics, econometrics
  • Yi Wu
    Assistant Professor
    Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, Human-Robot Collaboration, Robot Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Interaction
  • Yukai Wu
    Assistant Professor
    Physical implementation of quantum computing, Quantum information, Quantum machine learning
  • Huazhe Xu
    Assistant Professor
    Deep reinforcement learning, robotics, computer vision and tactile sensing
  • Wei Xu
    Wei Xu
    Associate Professor
    Distributed systems, Cloud computing, System monitoring and debugging, Big data, Data center networking
  • Yong Xu
    Associate Professor
    Cold atom physics, quantum simulation, quantum computation, topological condensed matter physics
  • Zhilin Yang
    Assistant Professor
    Large-scale pretraining, natural language understanding and generation, few-shot and zero-shot Learning, multi-modal learning
  • Li Yi
    Li Yi
    Assistant Professor
    3D computer vision, 3D deep learning, robot perception, computer graphics, geometric processing
  • Yang Yuan
    Yang Yuan
    Assistant Professor
    AI+Healthcare, AI theory, Applied Category Theory
  • Huanchen Zhang
    Huanchen Zhang
    Assistant Professor
    Database Management Systems,Indexing Data Structures, Data Compression, Cloud Databases
  • Jingzhao Zhang
    Jingzhao Zhang
    Assistant Professor
    optimization, machine learning theory, reinforcement learning, dynamic system, anomaly detection
  • Hang Zhao
    Hang Zhao
    Assistant Professor
    Computer Vision, Multi-modal Machine Learning, Autonomous Driving, Robotics
  • Xiuying Chang
    Associate Research Fellow
    Quantum Information
  • Li He
    Associate Research Fellow
  • Yuanyuan Huang
    Assistant Research Fellow
  • Yanqing Liu
    Assistant Research Fellow
  • Binxiang Qi
    Assistant Research Fellow
  • Yipu Song
    Research Fellow
    Superconducting quantum computation
  • Lin Yao
    Associate Research Fellow
  • Hongyi Zhang
    Associate Research Fellow
    Hybrid solid state quantum system
  • Dan Zhao
    Assistant Research Fellow
    Interdisciplinary Field of Life Science and Artificial Intelligence,Epigenetics, Computational Biology
  • Zichao Zhou
    Associate Research Fellow
Honorary Professors
Adjunct Instructors
Lab Assistants
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